TEAMWORK LLC was founded with the aim of rising the quality of real estate agencies to a new level which investors desire. We are very passionate about searching for only the best properties on the market and offering them to our clients. We make the deals easier, faster, more secured and guaranteed by our team in a prestigious, comfortable and friendly atmosphere.


We will work closely with you in the days leading up to the sale, by providing you the needed information about legal state of property and predict all legal and tax dangers, evaluate the property and preparing the contract of sale to have a secure deal.

Our legal consultation about high risks, which are always following procedures of buying/selling real estate will totally secure both parties. Buyers will be prevented from huge damages which are caused in most cases, when buyer is leading buying procedures without correct legal advice concluding preliminary contracts (pre-buying contract) just relied on information given by seller (developer) companies.  And seller will be guaranteed to get his/her remuneration on time without any obstacles.


We takes on projects that vary in size, from a flat remodels to whole project renovations and building. TEAMWORK LLC delivers the highest standards of workmanship in a timely manner, and strives to make the remodeling experience as orderly as possible.


We want to ensure we capture your dream, which means we draw every details. By the end of the design phase you have a realistic view of your homes potential.


We want the processes served by us to be as stress free as possible, which means we take the time with all the upfront planning and scheduling to ensure all materials and products are ready for your construction start date.

Being involved in process

We want you to feel part of your renovation, so we provide you access to our own online project management tool. Stay engaged in your project with progress photos, schedule updates, and document sharing.

Construction project/Building permission

About lands with permission of build and confirmed building project we will supply you with all essential and technical details about building permission and construction project. And around cases, when lands are without building permission and project, we will help you to find out about possibility to gain building permission and about terms connected to the confirmation of construction project.

We will collect all necessary information from governmental organs such as the National Agency of Public Registry, Architect service of Tbilisi and from all others which will be needed. We will analyze this information in appropriate aspects and give you complete processed “Property information Packet”, which will contain full details about the location, size, land area, maps, zoning information, inspection and many other aspects of the property which will be given to you as “The property information packet”.

About lands without permission of build first we will prove terms of using plot of land for construction, second will getting Agreements of construction project from relevant governmental organs and finally will get the construction permit.

Dedicated to a high level of customer satisfaction, our mission is to serve our clients to achieve their goals in the immediate time with peace of mind and confident.